Saturday, June 13, 2015

Flagstaff Fiber Festival

A couple weeks ago, I went to the Flagstaff Fiber Festival. I had such a great time with my husband and the children who wanted to come (the teenage boys opted out). I went a couple years ago, and it was a very small affair. This time, there was a lot more going on, including demonstrations on dyeing, using a triangle loom, and of course shearing the sheep and alpaca. There were lots more vendors this time and lots more people as well. When we arrived shortly after the festival opened, we got what I think may have been the last parking space.

There's something about fiber arts people too. Maybe it has to do with how patient one must be (or become--still working on this myself) in order to take part in these age-old crafts that take so many hours to make something beautiful. Whatever the cause, everyone was kind, friendly, and fun to talk to. I now have a few more local sources for fiber. I bought more than I intended to, but I honestly don't regret a single purchase.

Anyway, my husband was kind enough to take pictures while I gabbed with other fiber artists and bought fiber.

Here are the animals:

Poor sheepy! Very scriptural!

And here we are wandering around:

I'm the one holding the baby in the sling.

I'm hoping to participate in the wool festival next year. I thought about doing it this year but was worried that I wouldn't have enough time.

Saturday, June 6, 2015

Lavender and Lace

I just finished making some very soft yarn that is 50% merino for elasticity and memory, 25% angora for softness and halo, and 25% alpaca. I purchased the alpaca and the angora just last week at the Flagstaff Wool festival and couldn't wait to put it to good use.

Here are some photos of the batts just after I took them off the drum carder:

and here it is still on the bobbin after I spun it and plied it:

and here it is all ready to go into my shop:

And here it is in the shop:

The yarn is so very soft, both in terms of how it feels and in terms of the colors. It will make an elegant, understated cowl or hat or scarf or....

I just have a little bit of the lavender alpaca left. I have to figure out how to stretch it as far as possible!